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Mark Zuckerberg: Apple headset is “worse in most ways” than Facebook device



Mark Zuckerberg

was among the high-profile people who reviewed the Apple

Vision Pro

mixed reality headset. In a video shared on his Instagram account, said that

Meta Quest 3

is “the better product, period.” He again criticised the headset calling the “device worse in most ways.”
In a post on Threads, Instagram’s X Platforms (formerly Twitter) rival, Zuckerberg said that the resolution of the Apple Vision Pro “is higher, but they paid for that with many other product tradeoffs.”
“I don’t think we’re saying the devices are the same.

We’re saying Quest is better. If our devices weigh as much as theirs in 3-5 years, or have the motion blur theirs has, or the lack of precision inputs, etc, then that means we’ll have regressed significantly,” he said in the post.
“Yes, their resolution is higher, but they paid for that with many other product tradeoffs that make their device worse in most ways. That’s not what we aspire to,” he added.

Facebook product is better than Apple’s “period”
Earlier this year, Zuckerberg directly compared his company’s newest VR headset, Quest 3, and said, “I don’t just think Quest is the better value, I think Quest is the better product, period.”
Zuckerberg also said that he filmed the video using the Quest 3’s passthrough camera and highlighted key differences between the two devices. He praised the Quest 3’s lighter weight (120 grams lighter), wider field of view, the flexibility of both physical hand controllers and hand tracking offered.

Meta CTO says Apple Vision Pro “very uncomfortable”
Not only the CEO, Meta CTO

Andrew Bosworth

also criticised the Apple product, agreeing with Zuckerberg who said that Meta Quest 3 was “the best value” headset.
“As soon as I put the headset on, I can see what trade-offs they made and why they made them. And, perhaps definitionally, those aren’t the trade-offs I would have made,” he said about Apple’s ‘spatial computing’ device.
Bosworth also said that he found Vision Pro very uncomfortable to use as it has “way too much weight. And it’s distributed poorly.”