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MEA official in Afghanistan for trade talks with Taliban

NEW DELHI: Without officially recognising the current dispensation in Kabul, India has continued to engage with


leaders and officials over issues related to

humanitarian assistance

. Apart from this, terrorism, drug trafficking, formation of a “truly inclusive” govt and preserving rights of women, children and minorities top India’s list of immediate priorities. In line with this, govt point person for


and MEA joint secretary JP Singh is currently visiting the country to engage with Taliban leaders, including foreign minister Amir Khan Mutaqqi.
Bilateral relations between Afghanistan and India, economic and transit issues were discussed comprehensively, said Taliban foreign ministry. Singh also met industry and trade minister on Thursday to discuss economic cooperation between Afghanistan and India, which reopened its embassy in Kabul in 2022. This is his fourth visit since Taliban takeover of the country in Aug, 2021. “Transit and trade between the two countries were discussed extensively, and both sides agreed on further cooperation,” tweeted the trade ministry after the meeting.
The Indian official also met former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai, one of the few political leaders to remain in Kabul after return of Taliban, to discuss the situation in the country. Karzai requested India to continue to cooperate with Afghanistan, especially in the field of education, in line with its traditionally strong ties with people of the country.