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Moon in the Day’premieres with 1.6 per cent viewership

Newest Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Moon in the Day’, has made its much-anticipated debut! The show, starring

Kim Young Dae


Pyo Ye Jin

, kicked off its journey with the release of the first episode on November 1. Nielsen Korea has reported that the premiere of ‘Moon in the Day’ achieved an average nationwide viewership rating of 1.6 per cent.
This series is based on a popular webtoon and offers viewers a mesmerizing, yet heart-wrenching love story that unfolds over an astonishing 1,500 years.

The narrative weaves seamlessly between the past and the present, guiding us through the lives of two protagonists: a man who finds himself trapped in time after a tragic encounter with his lover and a woman who, in stark contrast, has lost all recollection of her past lives, living in a state of continuoustransformation, much like a river’s ceaseless flow.
Meanwhile, episode four of MBC’s Wednesday drama, ‘

A Good Day to Be a Dog

‘, continued to engage its audience with its unique storyline. Park Gyu-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Lee Hyun-woo play the leads in ‘A Good Day to Be a Dog’. The series revolves around a romantic tale between a woman cursed to undergo a transformation upon kissing someone and a man possessing the unique ability to dispel the curse. However, his deep-seated fear of dogs, stemming from a childhood trauma, adds an intriguing twist to their love story.
Although it witnessed a slight decline in ratings, dropping from its previous episode’s 1.9 per cent to 1.7 per cent, the show remains a fierce contender in the ratings race.

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