Most unique ways to drape dupatta

As a cape

This is the most ‘trending’ way to drape a dupatta. Wear it like a cape with a lehenga or a suit and transform yourself to a showstopper look!


Spread it like your wings

While this is the most basic style, it looks gorgeous if you are wearing a Banarasi suit or a dupatta that is worth showing off. Spread it in its full width and glory.


Stole style

This is another style that is most popular – wearing the dupatta like a stole if the fabric is soft and plain in between and has heavy borders. This is also a great way to give complete attention to your main outfit.


Princess’ bow

This is an interesting way to make the dupatta look stylish and also functional. Wrap it around your arms and tie it like a bow around your back.


The royal drape

This is the typical ‘Sikh bride’ look which gives nothing but royal vibes. The same dupatta needs to be draped on your head and bosom as well.


The dramatic look

If the fabric of your dupatta is heavy and you need to add some drama to the look, wear it like a coat or a cape.


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Drape like a shawl

Draping the dupatta like a shawl is the new cool. It looks elegant and gives complete attention to the gorgeous fabric.


Belt it up

If you want to keep your dupatta to a minimal show, pleat it on the shoulder and wear a belt to maintain its structure. This style also gives you the freedom to move or dance freely.


Drape like a scarf

If your dupatta is plain or not adding drama to the outfit, you can drape it like a scarf. It looks smart and trendy.


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