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‘My wife didn’t know…’: Ashwin delivers emotional speech


Ravichandran Ashwin

, the esteemed cricketer from Tamil Nadu, was awarded his special

100th Test cap

by India’s

head coach Rahul Dravid

in a poignant moment during the fifth and final Test against England.
Ashwin’s voice trembled with emotion and pride as he delivered a heartfelt gratitude speech, transcending the significance of the moment beyond himself.

“IPL has been a hugely popular tournament; a lot of kids want to play T20 and get into the IPL. But remember one thing, this format (Test)… it is in a lot of things that life wouldn’t teach you,” Ashwin said, championing the enduring value of Test cricket amidst the backdrop of lucrative T20 leagues.

Reflecting on his journey, Ashwin expressed deep gratitude to his father, Ravichandran, recalling the sacrifices made in nurturing his cricketing talent. “It’s quite an emotional moment… today is a hugely emotional moment for a man who is sitting back in Chennai,” Ashwin revealed, acknowledging his father’s pivotal role.
Ashwin also expressed profound gratitude to his wife, Preeti, and children, highlighting their unwavering support during challenging periods of his career.

“My wife didn’t know what she was getting into. She’s gotten into it and she’s standing next to me today. I have got two lovely kids who are also enjoying my journey over the last few years,” Ashwin remarked, acknowledging their integral role in his success.
As Dravid handed Ashwin the commemorative cap, he praised the veteran cricketer’s unwavering commitment to the team and acknowledged the significance of his journey.
“This is a well-deserved moment… It’s been a privilege speaking with you… It’s a privilege to hand this cap to you,” Dravid said, encapsulating the sentiments of Ashwin’s teammates, who honored him with a guard of honor as he entered the field.
In this poignant moment, Ashwin’s gratitude speech not only celebrated his personal milestone but also underscored the timeless significance of Test cricket as a symbol of resilience, dedication, and the enduring spirit of the game.
(With inputs from PTI)