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‘Nation discussing Sandeshkhali’, PM Modi attacks ‘corrupt’ TMC

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  • PM Modi attacks TMC over ‘torture of Sandeshkhali women’: Key quotes

TOI News Desk / TIMESOFINDIA.COM / Updated: Mar 9, 2024, 18:51 IST


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated developmental projects worth Rs 4500 crore, emphasising commitment to state’s development and criticising neglect of eastern India. He highlighted increased train speed, fake job cards, ‘tolabaz’ problem, family dominance in politics, removal of Article 370, and the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

PM Modi attacks TMC over 'torture of Sandeshkhali women': Key quotes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (ANI file photo)

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the ‘

Viksit Bharat Viksit West Bengal

‘ public event in Siliguri on Saturday. During the event, he inaugurated and dedicated several developmental projects in the rail and road sectors, with a total worth exceeding Rs 4500 crore in West Bengal.
Addressing the ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit West Bengal’ program, the Prime Minister emphasised the commitment of the central government to the state’s development.

He criticised the Congress, pointing out that the progress of eastern India had been neglected for an extended period post-independence.
Here are the

key quotes

from the Prime Minister’s address at the ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit West Bengal’ event:

  • There was a period during which trains entering the northeast experienced a reduction in speed. However, the government has been making concerted efforts to enhance train speed in North Bengal, aligning with the nationwide push for increased railway speeds. Following independence, the development of Eastern India was neglected for an extended period.
  • First the left did not listen to your concerns, and subsequently, the TMC also overlooked your needs. They were preoccupied with exploiting the resources of the underprivileged. Consequently, when presented with the chance, I gave back all those facilities to you all.
  • TMC government is looting you at every step. Modi sends the money for MNREGA wages from Delhi but the TMC government here has looted you at every step. To benefit the TMC’s ‘tolabaz’, 25 lakh fake job cards were made and given to the people. If Modi sends money to the poor’s houses, then the TMC government gives your money to the people chosen by ‘tolabaz’.
  • Modi is creating opportunities for the impoverished, a move met with disapproval by family members who entered politics solely for power. Consequently, they conspire to maintain their family’s dominance in politics. The alliance between TMC and Congress follows a similar pattern. TMC members are concerned about securing positions for their relatives, while Congress members seek to advance the sons and daughters of their privileged families.
  • After years of anticipation, the Ram temple stands in Ayodhya. Article 370 has been removed in Jammu and Kashmir. There were many issues whose solution no one had even imagined but Modi has solved every such issue…
  • The whole country is talking about what TMC leaders did to poor, dalit and adivasi women in Sandeshkhali. TMC has always oppressed women and stole the hard-earned money of the poor.


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