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Nita Ambani spotted wearing Emperor Shah Jahan’s jewel

01/5Going back to the Mughal era

Reliance Foundation & Chairperson Mrs. Nita Ambani was bestowed with the prestigious ‘Beauty With a Purpose Humanitarian Award’ on the occasion of the 71st Miss World Finals, held at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai on Saturday and her look for the evening was quick to hit the headlines. An Instagram page has claimed that Mrs. Ambani sported yet another jewel from the Mughal empire on the evening. Let’s find out more about the look.

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02/5​The look for the evening

Embraced by tradition, graced with the finesse of Indian craftsmanship, Mrs. Ambani adorned the majestic Banarasi jangla sari from Swadesh which was handcrafted from lustrous gold zari and Indian silk, with each thread exuding timeless elegance. It also featured intricate floral jaal, delicately woven with meenakari detailing.


03/5The artist

Behind every thread and pattern woven into the extemely beautiful sari, lies 45 days of meticulous effort by skilled artisan Shri Mohammad Islam. Swadesh and Manish Malhotra came together to bring this marvel to you, showcasing the beauty of Indian artistry on a global stage.


04/5​The jewels

But, it was just not the sari that caught our eye, it was her jewellery, specifically a bajuband that she flaunted which needs to be talked about due to its sheer beauty.

According to @Topophilia.India, an Instagram page, on the Miss World evening; Nita was wearing a sarpech (kalgi) which belonged to the Mughal empire and was once worn by Mirza Shahab-ud-Din Muhammad Khurram also know as Shah Jahan, son of Jahangir and the fifth Mughal emperor who ruled from 1592-1666.

As per the Instagram account, Shah Jahan ibn (son of) Jahangir Shah, proudly proclaim the pair of inscribed spinels highlighting this sarpech (turban ornament); last seen publicly at the Al Thani Collection before being divested at auction in 2019. The sleek sarpech features two highlighted inscribed spinels read – ’12 / Shah Jahan ibn Jahangir Shah / 1049’. The date in the Islamic calendar corresponding to a 17th century date (1639-40). These two separate spinels, possibly dynastic jewels were added onto one piece in the 19th century to create this sarpech.


05/5​Features gold, diamonds and rubies

“At a height of 13.7 cm and 19.8 cm wide, the piece is made of gold and set with diamonds, rubies, and spinels, using the Pachhikakaam technique adopted by Indian jewelers attempting to mimic European claw setting. The lowest register of 12 suspended diamonds is set in the western style. The true versatility of Indian jewels however comes from its adaptability into myriad forms and contexts. A sarpech repurposed as a baazuband or armband is still as magnificent. Besides being back in India, what’s great is that it is back to adorn the human form and away from a glass vitrine,” the Instagram post reads.


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