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Noida man gets Rs 7.66 crore bill for Rs 62 auto ride

NEW DELHI: A man in Noida was left stunned when he received an exorbitant bill from Uber for what was supposed to be a routine

auto ride

. Instead of the expected Rs 62, he was billed a staggering

Rs 7.66 crore

, leaving both him and the ride-hailing company perplexed.
The incident involving

Deepak Tenguriya

came to light after his friend

Ashish Mishra

shared a


on X on Friday, showing the two friends discussing the situation.

“Early in the morning @Uber_India made @TenguriyaDeepak so rich that he is thinking of taking Uber franchise next. The good thing is that the trip has not been canceled yet. Become a crorepati loanee instantly by booking an auto for Rs 62,” reads the post’s caption.

In the video, the two can be heard engaged in a conversation about the out-of-this-world amount invoiced to Mr. Deepak for what should have been a routine commute.
When Deepak displayed his phone screen on camera, it revealed that he had been charged a staggering Rs 1,67,74,647 as the “Trip fare.” Additionally, his waiting time incurred a cost of Rs 5,99,09189, with a promotional discount of Rs 75.
Deepak joked that he had never encountered such a large number of zeros altogether before. To this Ashish quipped, “Are you coming from Mars? Even if you had booked a ride to Chandrayaan (India’s lunar mission), it wouldn’t have cost you as much as this.”

In response to the video, users jokingly commented, suggesting that the auto driver might say, “Brother, whatever amount has come, you’ll have to pay it, otherwise I won’t let you go.”
After the post went viral, Uber India’s customer support issued an


and assured that they were investigating the matter. They said: “Hey, sorry to hear about the trouble. Please allow us some time while we are looking into this issue for you. We will get back to you with an update.”