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Now, US advocates ‘fair’ process on Congress bank accounts

In response to India’s strong objections over comments regarding the arrest of Delhi chief minister

Arvind Kejriwal

, the United States emphasized its stance on advocating for fair and transparent legal processes. “We continue to follow these actions closely, including the arrest of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal,” said US state department spokesperson

Matthew Miller

, amidst rising diplomatic tensions between the two nations.

Washington’s comments came after India summoned a senior US diplomat to express its discontent over remarks perceived as intrusive into its internal affairs. The diplomatic stir revolves around the arrest of Kejriwal, implicated in a money laundering case linked to an alleged excise policy ‘scam’, and allegations against the Indian tax authorities for freezing the

Congress party

‘s bank accounts.
“We are also aware of the Congress party’s allegations that tax authorities have frozen some of their bank accounts in a manner that will make it challenging to effectively campaign in the upcoming elections. And we encourage fair, transparent and timely legal processes for each of these issues,” Miller said, reaffirming the US’s position on ensuring justice and fairness in legal proceedings
The diplomatic row highlights concerns over the sovereignty and independence of India’s judiciary, with the ministry of external affairs (MEA) defending its legal system. “India’s legal processes are based on an independent judiciary which is committed to objective and timely outcomes. Casting aspersions on that is unwarranted,” the


said, responding to the US’s public statements.

The meeting between acting deputy chief of mission Gloria Berbena and MEA officials lasted over 30 minutes, marking a significant moment of diplomatic engagement. This incident follows a similar summons issued to the German Deputy Chief of Mission in New Delhi, objecting to remarks made by their foreign office spokesperson on Kejriwal’s arrest, which India regarded as an interference in its judicial process.
As the US and Germany express their expectations for a fair trial and adherence to democratic principles, India stands firm on its judicial independence, signaling a delicate balance between international diplomacy and national sovereignty.
(With inputs from agencies)