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Cabinet suggests setting up of 16th finance commission

NEW DELHI: The Union cabinet has recommended setting up of the 16th Finance Commission to decide on sharing of taxes between the Centre and...
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Older generations share their regrets

01/6Learn from their regrets

When we are in our 20s and 30s, it is wise to listen to the regrets of our older generations because they do have experience on their end. Here are some of those regrets by 5 people from our older generations that address issues that even the 90s kids suffer from today in the race to earn more or perhaps not. Ranging from personal connections to sacrificing health to postponing passions, here are some honest confessions that may strike a chord with you. Learn from their mistakes, you still have the gift of time.


02/6“I overlooked importance of personal connections”

In my 20s and 30s, I was so focused on building my career that I overlooked the importance of personal connections. I regret not taking the time to nurture relationships, both romantic and platonic. As I look back, I realize that life isn’t just about professional achievements. It’s the missed opportunities for love and companionship that weigh on me now.


03/6I wish I had prioritised self care

In my younger years, I was relentless in pursuing success in my career. I sacrificed sleep, neglected exercise, and often indulged in unhealthy habits. Now, as I battle health issues, I wish I had prioritized self-care. The long hours at the office seem insignificant compared to the toll they took on my well-being.


04/6I was too stuck to the safe and familiar

Fear of failure paralyzed me in my 20s and 30s. I stuck to what was safe and familiar, avoiding risks that could have led to personal growth. Looking back, I see that failure is a part of life’s journey. I regret not embracing challenges that could have shaped me into a more resilient and confident individual.


05/6I messed up my kids

Work consumed my life in my younger years. I was constantly striving for more success, more recognition. In doing so, I neglected my family and missed out on precious moments with my children. Now, as I enjoy retirement, I regret not finding a better balance between my professional and personal life.


06/6I wish I had pursued my passion and dreams

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