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RPF constables thrash driver outside railway station in MP’s Ujjain, video goes viral

Dec 02, 2023, 08:45PM ISTSource: TOI.inA video showing RPF constable thrashing driver outside railway station in MP's Ujjain has gone viral on social media....
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Pankaj sticks to khichdi when he’s shooting

Over the past few years

Pankaj Tripathi

has solidified his position in the movie business as one of the most formidable actors. Many believe that people have only scratched only the surface of his depth and range as an actor. The actor in his recent conversation revealed how he prepared to play former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee in his upcoming film ‘Main Atal Hoon’ , he shared that throughout the shoot of the film he only ate khichdi, which he used to prepare himself .

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In a recent interaction with Film Companion, Tripathi mentioned that he had a 60 day shoot schedule for the film and for all those 60 days he had khichdi, which he would cook himself.

He also added that he refrained from ordering it from a restaurant or have someone prepare it for him as one would never know who they will cook. Not many know that he is a very good cook, he also revealed that he would prepare his khichdi without any oil or spice, just dl, rice and locally available vegetables

Tripathi highlighted that in his youth, he could perform even after eating a samosa without much thought, but now he prioritizes his ‘


‘ diet to maintain his well-being.
He also emphasized the importance of actors eating healthily not only for their physical well-being but also for connecting with their characters’ emotions. He stated that as an actor, if your stomach isn’t well, and you consume something unhealthy while expecting to emote effectively, then you’re mistaken. Thus he sticks to only khichdi on shooting days.

Tripathi has a host of projects lined up from


3, Metro …In Dino,



Murder Mubarak


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