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PC did not ‘feel pretty’ post Miss World win

Priyanka Chopra is one of the biggest global icons today, but there was a time when the actor did not ‘feel pretty’ and upto the mark. To jog your memory, Priyanka won the Miss India World title in 2000, coming second after Lara Dutta. Eventually, she went on to become Miss World as well. However, at that time, Priyanka did not feel that she was the most deserving, since she was not conventionally ‘fair skinned’.

Recently Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra, opened up on this fact and said that at that point, her daughter might be suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

She told Bollywood Hungama that as a child Priyanka took to her father, who was wheatish in complexion while the rest of the Chopras were fair-skinned. Even though it did not matter for Priyanka’s parents, some other people taunted her for her complexion, that led her to believe she was not pretty.

Priyanka Chopra thinks motherhood has made her ‘a lot more fragile’

On the other hand, PeeCee never fails to look glam and seems effortlessly stylish. While she has played some very cool, glamorous characters on-screen, she has also made a huge mark with her characters. But did you know that while growing up, Priyanka never aspired to do what the quintessential


cinema heroines did?
PC opened up during a master class with

Bhumi Pednekar

during the MAMI Film Festival for Film Companion and said that while growing up, she had a girl crush on actresses like Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi. PC said that while she loved what they did on-screen, she would feel that only they can do so. She never even thought or aspired to ever wear chiffon sarees and look so dreamy in Hindi movies.

Albeit, a few years later, Priyanka was there, doing the same thing. She recalled an instance where they were once shooting in Switzerland for a sequence. She said, “I was in a chiffon saree, in Jungfrau, Switzerland, in a green saree. Obviously the guy is dressed in head to toe fur and I am in a blouse and chiffon


and I was standing in a bucket of hot water for the close-up. And I am saying the lines like this, (chatters teeth) and on top of it there is a helicopter above because we are taking a helicopter shot.”

She further added that during close-up shots, she was having a hot water bucket under her saree. She added, “My co-actor is trying to keep me warm and there is a hot water bucket under my saree. Not glamour guys, not glamorous. So, for me, the glamour of the movies became recognizing my characters, understanding these girls. It looks beautiful, and even now I want to have my hair blowing… The glamour of it was taken away from me very quickly and I just started enjoying the medium of work and the possibility of what you can do with the characters.”

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