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Pixel Watch 2 users report charging issue: What is it and how is it affecting users


launched the

Pixel Watch 2

smartwatch along with the Pixel 8 smartphone series in October. This is the first smartwatch from the tech giant that has been made available in India. Now, some

Pixel Watch

2 owners are reporting a

charging issue

with the wearable.
According to Reddit posts shared by multiple Pixel Watch 2 users (spotted by Android Authority), the wearable is “simply refusing to charge”.

While some users have complained that their watches are charging intermittently when plugged into the charging dock.
What’s causing the issue
The report didn’t mention nor has Google clarified if the problem is with the charger that the company bundles with the Pixel Watch 2 or if some units of the smartwatch are defective.

On its support page, Google recommends users first confirm if their charger is correctly aligned with the Pixel Watch 2. There’s only one way to fit the Pixel Watch 2 in the dock. It won’t charge if placed on the magnetic dock in the wrong direction.
The company recommends: “If you’re experiencing a charging issue on your Pixel Watch 2, you should first ensure that the watch is correctly aligned with the charger, the back of the watch is clean, and the charging pins are not stuck or damaged.”

Google may be ‘aware’ of this issue
One of the users has reported that Google is aware of the problem. The company’s customer support has allegedly told the smartwatch user that this is an ongoing issue with the Pixel Watch 2 and that they would get back with a fix as soon as possible.

The user mentioned trying everything from ordering a new Pixel Watch 2 charging cable from the Google Store to plugging the charger into various ports and wall sockets. Yet, nothing worked for them.
This Pixel Watch 2 unit happened to randomly stop and start charging. Ultimately, the user managed to speak to a support staffer and the company offered a new Pixel Watch 2 in exchange for the one that didn’t charge properly.
However, other users didn’t get their smartwatches replaced by new ones and are still facing charging issues. Some users also noted that they are still waiting for Google to get back to them.

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