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Pooja reacts to comments on her failed marriage

Pooja Bhatt

recently discussed the persistent scrutiny surrounding her past marriage. She also shared her coping mechanisms for dealing with it.
During a recent conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Pooja Bhatt shared insights from her life, revealing that despite receiving appreciation for various aspects, she often faces questions about her past marriage. Pooja further disclosed that people frequently inquire about why she remains unmarried, and even questioned her decision to marry in the first place.

Pooja’s personal journey has been marked by imperfections and challenges, with several lows along the way.

Continuing the conversation, the diva reflected on the valuable lessons she has gleaned from these experiences. She emphasized the importance for any woman to prioritize becoming her own friend before seeking a partner in life.

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During a press conference at an event, Pooja recounted the challenging period she faced after her marriage ended, during which she battled alcoholism. She disclosed that her marriage gradually fell apart, leading her to recognize the loss of her femininity in an unfulfilling relationship. Pooja further revealed that she became consumed with meeting societal expectations, neglecting her own needs and desires in the process.

The actress also disclosed that following the dissolution of her marriage, she found herself ensnared once again, this time by her addiction to alcohol. She candidly admitted to using bottles of alcohol as a form of first-aid to cope with the aftermath of her broken marriage.