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Randeep did Extraction to break stereotypes

Randeep Hooda

recently reminisced about the audition process for portraying Saju, a former Para (Special Forces) Lieutenant Colonel, in the action-packed film



Chris Hemsworth

. He admitted that auditions weren’t his strong suit and expressed his gratitude towards the

Russo Brothers

and director

Sam Hargrave

for selecting him despite his apprehensions about auditions.

The actor elaborated on his decision to choose the role of Saju, citing the prevalent



Indian actors

in Hollywood. He said that there was the need to break away from conventional roles and by opting for the role of Saju, Randeep aimed to challenge norms and diversify the representation of Indian talent on the global stage.
“There was a possibility of me doing another part in the movie, but I chose this part because, internationally, our image is not of action. It’s more people doing menial jobs like taxi drivers, clerks, accountants, scientists, doctors, and those are the roles that are more prevalent for Indians in Hollywood. So, I wanted to break that stereotype,” Randeep told India Today.
He further expressed pride in his work in Extraction, considering it one of the most substantial roles for an Indian actor in international cinema. He expressed hope for more opportunities for Indian talent to showcase their capabilities in Hollywood productions.

Randeep also showered praise on his co-star Chris Hemsworth by describing him as not only tough and charismatic but also remarkably affable and down-to-earth. “He’s great. He’s very funny. He looks very tough, but he’s hilarious and a very nice guy. And he is the quintessential superstar of the world, not just one country, but a very down-to-earth and very, very humble, sweet man. I really enjoyed working with him,” he said.
Extraction also featured Rudhraksh Jaiswal and

Priyanshu Painyuli

. It was directed by Sam Hargrave, and written by

Joe Russo

. It was the adaptation of the graphic novel Ciudad.