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RM enjoys FIRST military vacation



, known for his deep appreciation of art and nature, is making the most of his first

military vacation

, as revealed through his recent Instagram activity. The rapper took to the platform to share snippets of his downtime, reposting a story from Eyes Magazine’s director Jin Pyo, who excitedly captioned it as “Our maknae (youngest) first vacation!”
In the shared snap, RM is seen surrounded by his close circle of friends, including stylist Kim Youngjin, photographer Mok Jungwook, and actor Lee Jong-won.

This intimate gathering reflects RM’s desire to spend quality time with those he cherishes, enjoying moments of relaxation amidst his military service.

In another story, he is captured exploring an exhibition, a practice affectionately dubbed ‘


’ by devoted ARMYs. This term comes from RM’s penchant for immersing himself in art, nature and cultural experiences; whether it’s strolling along the Hangang River, visiting museums, cycling through parks, or losing himself into a good book – all part of his cherished self-care routine.
Furthermore, a keen-eyed fan revealed that the exhibition RM visited is ‘Voices’, Philippe Parreno’s first large-scale solo exhibition in Korea, currently hosted at the Leeum Museum of Art.

Meanwhile, fans flooded social media with messages expressing their joy at his shared glimpses. “Namjoon’s making time for Namjooning! So happy for him”, one fan exclaimed. Another fan hinted at RM’s changing physique, remarking, “Somehow Namjoon has gotten bigger and broader, I fear”. while others simply expressed their longing, saying, “How I miss him” and “So happy Joon is out and about having a good time”. Amidst the well-wishes, fans sent their warm regards, saying, “Have a lovely vacation”.