Rules for wearing diamonds

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Wearing diamonds is not just about fashion; it also has cultural, astrological, and metaphysical significance. Diamonds, known as the “King of Gems,” are believed to bring various benefits, especially when worn by individuals of specific zodiac signs. However, there are some rules to wearing the precious stone to make it work in your favour in an astrological sense. So scroll down to know what these rules are and which zodiac signs benefit from them the most.


02/10Rules for wearing diamonds

Selecting the right diamond

When choosing a diamond, consider the “Four Cs” – carat (weight), cut (shape and style), clarity (absence of flaws or inclusions), and colour (grading from colourless to light yellow). A high-quality diamond will likely yield more positive effects.

Metal and setting

The metal used in the diamond setting also matters. Gold, white gold, platinum, or silver are popular choices. The setting design should resonate with your personality and style.

Cleansing and energising

Before wearing a diamond, cleansing is very important. Some believe that diamonds absorb energy, so it’s essential to clear any previous imprints. A simple ritual like immersing the diamond in saltwater or moonlight is often recommended.

Day and time

Astrologers suggest wearing diamonds during specific days and times, usually during auspicious planetary alignments or on your zodiac sign’s favourable days.

Mantra and meditation

Chanting mantras or meditating while holding or wearing a diamond can enhance its effects, according to some belief systems.



Librans are known for their sense of balance and harmony. Diamonds can accentuate their grace and poise, enhancing their ability to mediate and bring people together.



Leos are natural leaders and love the spotlight. Diamonds can amplify their regal aura, making them even more magnetic and influential.



Saggis are adventurous and seek truth and knowledge. Diamonds can align with their quest for enlightenment, enhancing their intuition and wisdom.



Aries are known for their fiery and ambitious nature. Diamonds can enhance their leadership qualities and boost their confidence.



Aquarians are known for their innovative thinking and humanitarian outlook. Diamonds can help them express their unique ideas with clarity in a more effective manner.



Taurus folks appreciate beauty and luxury. Diamonds resonate with their earthy sensibilities and can amplify their elegance and charm.



Pisceans are dreamers and highly intuitive. It is believed that diamonds amplify their psychic abilities and enhance their creative expression.



Diamonds can help this zodiac sign to focus on its dual nature and improve communication skills, making them more persuasive and charismatic.


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