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‘Russia ready to use nuclear weapon if …’: Putin warns again

NEW DELHI: Russian President Vladimir


on Wednesday reiterated that


is ready to use

nuclear weapons

if its


or independence is threatened.
Putin was questioned in an interview with Russian state television released on Wednesday about the possibility of utilising battlefield nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Replying to the question, Putin said that such action has not been deemed necessary.
Putin further remarked that he does not believe the world is on a path toward nuclear conflict, citing US President Joe Biden as a seasoned politician who comprehends the potential risks of escalation.
However, Putin said that in line with the country’s security doctrine, Moscow is ready to use nuclear weapons in case of a


to “the existence of the Russian state, our sovereignty and independence.”

“All that is written in our strategy, we haven’t changed it,” he said.
Earlier this month, Putin said that Russia is fully prepared for a nuclear war if its sovereignty was under threat. He, however, said not “everything is rushing to it” at present.
“Deployment of American troops on Russian territory or in Ukraine would be considered an intervention,” Putin said in an interview with Russian state media.
The Russian President, in a clear warning to the West, said the Kremlin will conduct nuclear tests if the US does the same.

“From a military-technical point of view, we are, of course, ready. Weapons exist in order to use them. We have our own principles. If the United States conducted nuclear tests, Russia might do the same,” he asserted.
In reference to Nato allies backing Kyiv, Putin said, “Countries claiming they have no red lines concerning Russia must understand that Russia will likewise have no red lines concerning them.”
Lithuania’s foreign minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, recently expressed concern that the West frequently limits itself with self-imposed “red lines” when dealing with Russia. He also embraced a statement made by French President Emmanuel Macron suggesting that the deployment of Western troops to Ukraine couldn’t be dismissed.
Following recent advancements on the battlefield, Putin contended that Ukraine and its Western supporters will ultimately need to agree to terms dictated by Russia to bring an end to the conflict.
“It shouldn’t be a break for the enemy to rearm, but a serious talk involving the guarantees of security for the Russian Federation,” he said.
Putin said that a recent spike in Ukrainian drone attacks deep inside Russia is part of efforts to derail the country’s three-day presidential election, which starts Friday and which he’s set to win by a landslide, given his near total crackdown on dissent and tight control over Russia’s political system.
Putin alleges Ukrainian drone attacks aim to disrupt Russia’s presidential election. The Russian defense ministry reported 58 drones downed in six regions, one hitting a refinery in Ryazan, injuring two. Ukrainian strikes on Russian naval assets in the Black Sea region with sea drones and missiles have weakened Moscow’s naval capacity.
Ukraine on Wednesday reported more Russian attacks with casualties in various locations. Strikes in Myrnohrad killed two and injured five. In Sumy, a drone strike left two dead and eight wounded. In Kryvyi Rih, a missile attack claimed five lives and left 43 injured, including 12 children, with the youngest being a 2-month-old infant.
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, “Every day our cities and villages suffer similar attacks. Every day Ukraine loses people because of Russian evil.”
(With input from agencies)