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HomeTechSafer Internet Day 2024: Google shares five tips to stay safe online

Safer Internet Day 2024: Google shares five tips to stay safe online

It’s Safer Internet Day and on this occasion,


has shared a couple of important tips for users to keep their Google account, Smartphones secure and safe from malware, attacks, password breaches and more.
Security Checkup
Google Account comes with a built-in Security Checkup tool that allows users to run a security check for their account data, passwords and other saved data to improve the overall account’s security.

The tool scans the passwords for leaks and security breaches along with weak passwords that can be easily cracked, reused passwords and accounts for which the password hasn’t been changed for a longtime. Also, the tool suggests some recommended actions for users to take.
2‑Step Verification
2-Step Verification is another security feature that Google offers for its accounts. This adds an additional layer of security on top of passwords to help keep out anyone who shouldn’t have access to your account by requiring you to use a secondary factor on top of your username and password to log in to your account.

Smartphone security
Apart from the Google Account security tips, Google has also shared a couple of tips to keep smartphones secure. The first one is to update the smartphone software with the latest updates available to keep bugs and security vulnerabilities out of the picture.
Another tip is to enable Find My Phone feature that lets users find their phone in case they lose it. The feature also includes the option to lock down the phone in case of an emergency.
Apart from these, Google has also shared the built-in privacy and spam protection features in




web browser that allows users to stay protected from malware, phishing attacks and other types of scams.

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