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Salman’s ‘Tiger 3’ screening turns DANGEROUS!

A screening of Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger 3’ on its opening day, took a dangerous turn when fans set off fireworks inside the movie theatre.
Videos from the cinema hall show ecstatic fans enjoying the film’s screening, when a group of men in the front rows, began bursting firecrackers including rockets, bombs and fountains. While at first, people sitting in their seats seemed amused at the antics, the non-stop lighting up of fireworks and the threat of the theatre seats catching fire, soon led to panic.

Members of the audience could be heard screaming with fear as the rockets flew up to the theatre’s roof while other fireworks exploded in the front rows. The viral clips posted online see the entire theatre being engulfed in smoke. The clip also saw a number of people leaving their seats and rushing for the exit in an attempt to exit the cinema hall.

The unruly incident, which unfolded in the theatre on the occasion of Diwali, left moviegoers shocked and appauled by safety measures.
According to reports, such incidents were witnessed in other theatres as well. It was alleged that a Salman Khan fan club was involved in lighting up the fireworks during a screening.

This is not the first time that Salman’s fans have resorted to such behaviour. Back in 2021, the actor was forced to issue a public safety message and warn his fans against bursting crackers inside theatres. On hearing of the situation at a premiere show of ‘Antim: The Final Truth’, Salman expressed concern for the safety of fans and wrote, “Request all my fans not to take firecrackers inside the auditorium as it could prove to be a huge fire hazard, thereby endangering your lives and also others. My request to theatre owners not to allow firecrackers to be taken inside the cinema, and security should stop them from doing so at the entry point. Enjoy the film by all means, but please, please avoid this is my request to all my fans. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Tiger 3 was off to a good start at the box office. The film has already earned over Rs 40 crore at the Indian box office and added another $2 million at the international box office.

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