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SBI revises annual maintenance charges for debit cards effective April 1: Here’s what you need to know

SBI debit card charges: The State Bank of India (SBI) has recently announced revisions to the annual maintenance charges for certain debit cards, set to take effect from April 1, 2024. As per an ET report, these changes aim to streamline the fee structure and ensure continued service quality for cardholders. Below are the key highlights of the revised charges:
Classic debit cards
Annual maintenance charges for Classic, Silver, Global, and Contactless Debit Cards will be increased to Rs.

200/- plus GST, up from the previous Rs. 125/- plus GST.
Yuva and other cards

For debit cards like Yuva, Gold, Combo Debit Card, and My Card (Image Card), the annual maintenance fee will rise to Rs. 250/- plus GST, compared to the earlier Rs. 175/- plus GST.
Platinum debit card
Holders of SBI Platinum debit cards will see their annual maintenance charges go up to Rs. 325/- plus GST, from the earlier Rs. 250/- plus GST.
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Premium Business debit card
Annual maintenance charges for premium business debit cards such as Pride Premium Business Debit Card will be increased to Rs. 425/- plus GST, up from Rs. 350/- plus GST.

Sr No Particulars Existing Charges Revised Charges
1 Classic /Silver/Global/Contactless Debit Cards. Rs.125/ +GST Rs. 200/ + GST
2 Yuva/Gold/Combo Debit Card/My Card (Image Card) Rs.175/ + GST Rs. 250/+ GST
3 Platinum Debit Card Rs. 250/ +GST Rs. 325/+ GST
4 Pride / Premium Business Debit Card Rs.350/ +GST Rs. 425/+ GST

Note: GST is applicable @ 18%
Additional fees like debit card issuance fees, replacement fees, and others.

Sl.No Particulars Charges Rs
1 Debit Card Issuance Charges Classic /Silver/Global/Contactless Debit Card Nil
Gold Debit Card Rs 100/- + plus GS
Platinum Debit Card Rs 300/- + plus GST
My Card (Image Card)
2 Debit Card Annual Maintenance Charges (Recovered at the beginning of the second year onwards) Classic Debit Card Rs 125/- plus GST
Silver/Global Contactless Debit Card Rs 125/- plus GST
Yuva / Gold /Combo / My Card (Image) Debit Card Rs 175/- plus GST
Platinum Debit Car Rs 250/- plus GST
Pride/Premium Business Debit Card Rs 350/- plus GST
3 Debit Card Replacement Charges Rs 300/- plus GST
4 Duplicate PIN/ Regeneration of PIN Rs 50/- plus GST
5 International Transaction Charges Balance enquiry at ATMs Rs 25 /- + GST
ATM Cash withdrawal transactions Rs 100/- min. + 3.5% of Txn. Amt. + GST
Point of Sale(PoS)/ eCommerce transactions 3% of transaction amount plus GST

SBI Card changes
Starting April 1, 2024, SBI Cards will not earn reward points on rent payments for specific credit cards. Additionally, for some cards, reward points earned from rent payments will expire on April 15, 2024.