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Shaitaan actress Janki Bodiwala on Bolly debut

Janki Bodiwala

, known for her vibrant appearance and acting skills in Gujarati cinema, is currently making waves with her latest film, “


.” Originally titled “Vash” in Gujarati, the film was released on March 8 and has been performing well at the box office. Starring

Ajay Devgan


R. Madhavan



, and others and directed by

Vikas Bahl

, the film has garnered attention.

ETimes got in touch with Janki Bodiwala, who portrays the character Janhvi in the film, to learn more about the audience’s reaction post-release and other insights.
Janki expressed her gratitude for the response to ‘Shaitaan’ following its release: “I’m incredibly grateful for the response to ‘Shaitaan.’ It’s been an incredibly humbling experience to witness how deeply the audience has connected with the film’s themes and characters. Seeing the impact it’s had on viewers has been truly meaningful and rewarding for all of us involved in the project.”
Talking about the aspects of the film that resonated with the audience, Janki stated, “I believe the authenticity of the characters and the thought-provoking exploration of universal themes in ‘Shaitaan’ struck a chord with the audience, sparking meaningful discussions and emotional resonance.”

The elated actress opened up about the audience reaction and said, “I was surprised by some of the reactions and feedback from viewers. It was interesting to see how people interpreted certain aspects of the film in ways I hadn’t anticipated.”
“The impact of ‘Shaitaan’ on the audience and the industry has been remarkable. It’s been touching to see how the film has resonated with viewers, sparking conversations and leaving a lasting impression. Within the industry, ‘Shaitaan’ has set a benchmark for storytelling and innovation, inspiring future projects and pushing boundaries,” the actress added.

Furthermore, she praised the iconic stars and the director of the film: “Working alongside Ajay, Jyothika, R. Madhavan, and our talented director Vikas Bahl has been an enriching journey filled with collaboration, creativity, and mutual respect. Each member brought a unique perspective and dedication to their craft, elevating the project and fostering a supportive and inspiring environment on set. Our bond transcended the screen, creating a synergy that translated seamlessly into the final product, ‘Shaitaan,’ an experience I’ll cherish forever.”

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