Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Check Out Latest English Official Music Lyrcial Video Song ‘These Four Walls’ Sung By Khamari

Nov 29, 2023, 09:00PM ISTSource: YouTubeFor all English music fans, check-out latest English Video song 'These Four Walls' sung by 'Khamari'. Lyrics of the...

Spark | Song – Yema Andham

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Shocking explosive stunt caught on cam! Miscreants burst firecrackers on the moving car roof in Gurgaon

Nov 15, 2023, 12:17AM ISTSource:

Amidst the vibrant Diwali festivities, Gurgaon became the backdrop for a disconcerting display of unlawful activities. Visuals circulating on social media portray audacious individuals, primarily youths, recklessly placing firecrackers on moving vehicles. The online sphere is flooded with videos capturing these daredevils executing perilous stunts on the streets of Gurgaon, defying the law. A specific video from Sector 70 reveals firecrackers ignited on the roof of a moving car near a mall, with the driver going to the extent of altering the number plate for anonymity. Another footage showcases a car being driven with firecrackers attached, boldly displaying its number plate. Additionally, bikers have been caught on camera performing daring stunts, including high-speed maneuvers on Golf Course Road. These incidents have raised concerns about public safety and the need for stricter enforcement of regulations during festive celebrations.

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