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Shreyas: SRK would consult me about business deals

Bollywood actor

Shreyas Talpade

, who is busy with the promotions of his upcoming film ‘Kartam Bhugtam’, has revealed his experiences of working with Shah Rukh Khan on ‘

Om Shanti Om

’. Shreyas recounted how, as a


at the time, SRK would consult him on business matters and offers and how he would not know how to respond.
During a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Shreyas Talpade revealed that Shah Rukh would emphasise all the cast and crew members to eat together.

He shared that there were three production houses that were trying to acquire the film and he would discuss about it with them. He said, “He would share how a certain production house has offered this much money. The next day, he would tell us about another production house making an offer, and he would ask me, ‘What should we do?’ and I’d be like, ‘What do I say, you are Shah Rukh Khan!’”
Then, Shreyas revealed how SRK turned down a more lucrative offer, saying that he didn’t want the distributor to suffer as a result of him and his high expenses, even though he could have made more money by choosing a competing arrangement.
Shreyas shared, “So I’d say go for whoever pays the most… Finally, he chose a production house that wasn’t paying the most. It was mid-way, so I asked, ‘Shah, why didn’t you pick the max offer?’, and he said, ‘Tomorrow if a distributor doesn’t end up earning from my film, then it is a loss for me. I want my distributor to earn from it. So it is ok that I’ll get this much now. It is very important for the distributor to earn. If I take everything, then what will the distributor get and it’ll be a big risk for them.’ Now all these things, when you are three years into the industry, make a huge difference when you produce a film, promote a film. It’s like a textbook you keep referring to.”

Shreyas was all praises for Shah Rukh and revealed that he learnt a lot from the superstar. From the time he met him, he never made him feel that he was a superstar. “He made me feel like a friend. In the film, he was my friend and we were friends even off screen. He doesn’t make you feel like a newcomer. He treats you as an equal, as a friend,” concluded Shreyas.

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