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Side effects of applying lipstick everyday

Why should one not apply lipstick every day?

Lipsticks do make us look pretty but are safeguarded with a substance called bismuth oxychloride whose carcinogenic properties are damaging to the skin.


Allergic reactions

Renowned cosmetic companies follow strict safety measures making sure that their products go through a safe testing process, but at times certain lipsticks do create allergic reactions because of certain uncommon substances.


Pigmentation change

Many people think that wearing lipstick might change the natural color of their lips but due to UV exposure on our lips, it reacts with the lipstick substance and can reduce the natural pigmentation.


Hazardous infections

In some tests, heavy metals have been found on the lipsticks we use which have the power to harm organs and spread hazardous infections.


Dry and chapped lips

Lipsticks dry out the lips and cause chapping which also at times takes out the natural moisture. Therefore, stop using lipsticks every day and prefer moisturizing lip balms instead.


Serious health issues

Lipsticks use preservatives and have the potential to harm users by causing wheezing, respiratory issues, and eye irritation as well. Some lipsticks might result in cancer too.


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How to avoid side effects of lipsticks

We can rub sugar and honey on our lips to get rid of the pigmentation that the lipstick has produced, replacing it with our natural pigmentation by moisturizing them at all times.


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