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SRK criticises actors who left their wives for career

Shah Rukh Khan is not only praised for being a great actor but also for the gentleman persona he carries and the love he has for his family. In 2018, his wife

Gauri Khan

stated that he is the best husband and father she could ever ask for, and she always says that she is so fortunate to be with Shah Rukh Khan.
Now, an old interview of SRK in which he criticises the big


who left their wives or girlfriends to attain a good future is gaining social media attention. In 1991, even before SRK stamped his name in Bollywood, he told a magazine that he has a personal life, friends, a girlfriend, an uncle, aunt, and sister. And they are the most important people in his life. This feature about young Shah Rukh was recently shared on a social media platform.
SRK expressed his perspective that while some actors join the industry with goals of wealth and fame, he prioritised acting and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He emphasised his disinterest in the superficial aspects of the profession and his desire to remain grounded. At the time, he had only undertaken a few television roles.

Shah Rukh Khan’s message to Gauri Khan & kids: “Jab Tak Tumhara Baap Zinda Hai…”

The superstar raised concerns about the prevailing trend of prioritising vanity and monetary gains over love and personal life. He questioned why individuals often justify neglecting their family or relationships in the pursuit of their careers. Khan challenged the notion that one must sacrifice personal happiness for professional success and criticised those who boast about neglecting their loved ones.
Reportedly in a relationship with Gauri at the time, the actor criticised fellow actors and public figures for disregarding their partners and treating them as possessions. Shah Rukh cited an instance of an actor who abandoned his girlfriend for his film career, expressing disbelief at such behavior. He emphasized the importance of cherishing the moments shared with loved ones rather than prioritising career over relationships.
Shah Rukh and Gauri met in 1984, and they officially got married in 1991. They were blessed with their first boy child

Aryan Khan

in 1997. Later they welcomed their girl child Suhana in 2000. They had their youngest child AbRam through surrogacy in 2013.