Sunil Grover: I will never get bored of wearing sari

A quick look at

Sunil Grover


social media

handle and you will notice the


’s penchant for posting quirky videos. From a video of washing clothes on the roadside to casually styling a man’s hair at a local barber shop – the


’s videos are mostly ‘simple’, often bizarre, but always find a connect with the common man. Sunil says he posts these videos not to make a statement or send out a message, but simply because he enjoys doing these things.
The actor says, “I am a simple man at heart and during my childhood days, I loved travelling. I would enjoy stepping into small shops and indulging in these simple pleasures. I don’t want to sound pompous or criticise what people are sharing on social media, but I feel that children today are enamoured by materialistic things. Once I recall how a friend’s 12-year-old daughter wanted a bag that she saw an actress carrying on social media. There is no harm in it, but I feel that life should be about appreciating simple things, too. Posting these videos is a glimpse of what I love doing in my spare time.”
‘If someone offers me a good role on TV, I will do it’
The actor has kept away from TV for some time now. “I was busy doing web shows and films, but I love the television medium, it is wonderful. Even today, if someone offers me a good role on TV, or asks me to act like a woman, I will do it. I have played a woman so many times on shows, and I still enjoy wearing a sari and entertaining the audience. I will never get bored of wearing a sari,” he says.

‘I like washing clothes, I enjoy the simple things’
I had gone to Karjat and on my way back, I washed my clothes at a roadside water pump. I enjoy the feeling of washing clothes with my hands and the sensation of water splashing on my face. I like interacting with locals when I travel

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