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Taapsee on marriage plans with Mathias Boe

Taapsee Pannu

recently opened up about her relationship with

Mathias Boe

, providing insights into their journey together. She also addressed rumours circulating about their rumoured March wedding and expressed frustration regarding the persistent curiosity surrounding her personal life.
Reflecting on her past


experiences, Taapsee told Zoom, “I haven’t had a flamboyant dating life, to be honest. Like many others, I had to kiss many frogs before I reached the prince. Eventually, as I matured and began working, I found myself with the same person. The reason for this is because he is a mature man, not just a boy. This makes a huge difference to me. Before meeting him, I believed that only a mature man could provide the sense of security I needed in a relationship. I don’t want to underestimate myself, as emotional investments are significant. They not only impact me but also my family and my daily work life. I want to avoid that for myself, my work, and my mental well-being. Therefore, I am certain that I want to be with a mature man, not a boy.”
When questioned about any changes in herself since entering the relationship with

Mathias, Taapsee

said that she hadn’t undergone any significant changes because she didn’t feel burdened by the relationship.
She believes every girl should consider this aspect, like a test. She stated that you either feel weighed down by the relationship or you feel liberated. She added that if you feel burdened, it’s a red flag, saying that it’s a clear indicator to decide if the relationship is worth pursuing or not.

Taapsee Pannu and Mathias Boe’s wedding buzz grows; actress’ latest Instagram post adds fuel to speculations

Addressing rumours about marriage, Taapsee dismissed speculations stating that she would announce any such decision when the time is right. She expressed frustration with unwarranted curiosity about her personal life.
“I do want to get married someday, and when I do, everyone will know. It’s pointless to start rumours now. If you wanted to speculate, you should have started ten years ago when I began dating this man because I knew then that whenever I do get married, it will be to him. But I don’t understand why there’s so much curiosity. You all love me for my work, and I don’t want to give explanations about my personal life— who, when, or where. That’s not what you know me for. The more you pry, the more guarded I become. If you let it be, I will share the news at the right time. If there’s something to announce, I will do it. It’s not like I’m doing anything dishonest or illegal. I am single, and they don’t expect me to get married or what? I have been very honest about my relationships, I haven’t hidden anything. So, whenever it happens, you will know,” she said.

Recently, it was reported that Taapsee is set to tie the knot with


in March this year in an intimate ceremony in Udaipur, in a grand celebration which will reportedly be a blend of traditions of Sikhism and Christianity.
Mathias, who hails from Denmark, is a badminton player-turned coach. He made his international debut in 1998. He rose to world number 1 in doubles and currently coaches the Indian team in doubles. He won the men’s doubles silver medal at the 2012 Olympics in London, and a silver at the 2013 World Championship. Taapsee and Mathias reportedly started dating around her Bollywood debut in 2013.