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Telegram launches in-house giveaway tool: All you need to know

The cloud-based messaging app


has rolled out some new features which claim to improve the user experience. The features rolled out by the company include “Giveaways in Channels”, which enables channel owners to host giveaways as a way to appreciate their dedicated followers.
Free Telegram Premium
The new Giveaways in


feature will enable users to now participate in giveaways and receive prizes, including coveted Telegram Premium subscriptions.

Winners of these giveaways will receive gift codes as public verification of their victory. These codes grant them access to Telegram Premium, and organizers can even add other enticing prizes, such as Teslas, to make the experience even more thrilling. The giveaways are open to everyone, including existing Premium subscribers, who can still enter and, if they win, choose to pass the prize to a friend.
Creating giveaways

Creating a giveaway is a breeze for channel owners. They have the flexibility to specify the number of winners, the duration of the giveaway, and eligibility criteria.
Paying for Giveaways
To kickstart giveaways, organizers are required to pay in advance for the Premium subscriptions they wish to award. This can be done conveniently from any Telegram app, but for more substantial giveaways, we recommend using @PremiumBot or Fragment, which support larger purchases.

Better user experience
Telegram Premium account holders will receive even more value from their subscription. Instead of just one boost, they will now have four boosts to allocate among their favourite channels or give to specific ones.

Gifting Premium

to someone comes with the added benefit of providing them with one boost, while the gifter receives three more boosts for their own account. If a user wins Premium in a giveaway, their four boosts automatically go to the host channel, contributing to its growth.

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