The beach in Japan where sea meets snow and sand

What if you get to see the snow, sand and sea all at one place?


The 8th wonder?

Yes, Mother Nature leaves no stone unturned to amaze us with its wonders, and one of them is Hokkaido Beach in Japan.



The beach is located in the west of Japan and stretches from the eastern Kyogamisaki Cape in Kyoto to the western Hakuto Kaigan Coast in Tottori.


San’in Kaigan Geopark

This beach falls within San’in Kaigan Geopark, which is a Japanese Geopark and a UNESCO Global Geopark.


Add ons

The beach also features geological wonders like valleys, sandbars, sand dunes, volcanoes, and coasts.


Species living there

This geopark is home to a variety of uncommon species, like Pseudolysimachion ornatum, Ciconia boyciana, and Ranunculus nipponicus.


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Its size

Additionally, it covers three cities, towns, and prefectures with a combined population of about 400,000, according to


Wellness getaway

Additionally, the hot springs located near the beach have long been valued as wellness getaways by the local residents.


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