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These two types of workplace personas will boost technology, AI adoption in India

There are five dominant types of personas at an Indian workplace: The Problem Solver, The Road Warrior, The Detective, The Networker, and The Expressionist, and two of them will lead the way in adoption of AI and technology in general in India, a report has said.
According to results of a global research by




, a leading workplace productivity platform, India has the highest number of

Problem Solvers




The survey was done with over 15,000 desk workers across nine markets, including 2,000 in India.
Problem Solvers and Expressionists lead the way
The report said that the Problem Solvers are the masters of automation and are drawn to tools like AI that will help them and their colleagues fast track processes and streamline workflows. The Expressionists, who have a strong visual communication style and express themselves through GIFs, memes and emojis, are said to lead adoption of new technologies.

“In India, Problem Solvers and Expressionists are helping to drive technological transformation at work with their enthusiasm for AI and innovative communication styles,” said Derek Laney, Slack technology evangelist, APAC, Salesforce.
The survey “offers unique insights into the preferences and behaviour of Indian desk workers. With a diverse range of workplace personas, India stands at the forefront of AI adoption, driven by Problem Solvers and Expressionists.”

Detectives and Road Warriors less prevalent in India
The survey results also found that India has fewer Detectives, the investigative workplace persona known for their curiosity and knowledge-sharing tendencies.
Road Warriors, who thrive on flexibility and remote connections, are most common in Japan (28%) and Singapore (26%), yet they make up just 18% of the Indian workforce. They are outgoing, adaptable, and prioritise working from various locations according to their schedules.
“While Detectives and Road Warriors may be less common in India than in other markets, fostering diverse teams is pivotal for productivity. Having a range of workplace personas not only makes our work days more interesting, but allows for different strengths to come together,” Laney added.

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