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HomeEntertainmentTrolling is affecting children's health: Ayushmann

Trolling is affecting children’s health: Ayushmann

Ayushmann Khurrana

consistently brings attention to societal issues through both his films and personal endeavors. He utilizes his platform to raise awareness about pressing concerns and actively strives to cultivate a nurturing environment for children.

Safer Internet Day

, Ayushmann emphasizes the significance of engaging in open discussions and educating children about responsible Internet usage. He advocates for ensuring safer online environments for children, acknowledging the potential risks they encounter in the digital world.
Talking about the same Ayushmann Khurrana shares, “The internet is a powerful tool, and we need to ensure that children can make the best use of it. They can use the internet to learn about the world, discover new hobbies, advance their skills, explore job opportunities, and harness its potential safely and securely.”
He adds, “The rise of smartphones and social media has led to an increase in

online trolling

, which often adversely affects

children’s mental health



. It is important that we educate and sensitize our children on ways to maintain online hygiene – to not only stay protected from trolling and bullying but to also refrain from being an online troll/bully. It is of utmost importance to ensure that our children are empowered enough to approach their trusted adult whether it’s a parent, family member, or teacher if they are being trolled online.”

Lastly he adds “Children are taking to the internet from a very formative stage in their lives. From education to friendships to entertainment, every aspect of their lives has an online component. As elders, it is our responsibility to build trust with our children- Trust which is a two-way street where the children trust the adults/guardians enough to turn to them when they need support and for the adults/guardians to trust the children when they turn to them. In the long term though as elders/parents, we have to approach these issues with patience, trust and intent. If required, we should seek professional help for children, without the fear of stigma.”

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