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NEW DELHI: Congress chief on Thursday released a video message, two days before the Delhi polls, and emphasized the significance of these elections in...
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US mulls blacklisting CXMT to curb China’s chip advance

The United States is weighing sanctions on several Chinese tech companies, including chipmaker

ChangXin Memory Technologies

, in a bid to further restrain China’s development of advanced semiconductors, Bloomberg News said on Friday.
Citing people familiar with the matter, it said the commerce department’s bureau of industry and security was considering adding ChangXin to the so-called entity list that restricts access to US technology, along with five more Chinese firms.

The department, and the bureau did not immediately respond to Reuters’ requests for comment.
ChangXin Memory Technologies said it “specializes in producing commodity DRAM memory chips for everyday consumer products, with a specific focus on civilian and commercial applications.”

The company complies with U.S export regulations, it said in a statement sent to Reuters on Sunday.
Reuters has reported that the United States moved last year to deny American imports to a major SMIC plant after it produced the chip powering Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro phone.
The efforts halted millions of dollars worth of shipments of chipmaking materials and parts from at least one supplier, Entegris.
The United States has moved aggressively in recent months to halt shipments to China of more advanced AI chips, in its efforts to stop Beijing receiving cutting-edge US technologies that could strengthen its military.