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Vindu: Dara Singh was unsure about playing Hanuman

Vindu, the son of Dara Singh, revealed that his father initially had doubts about portraying Hanuman.

Dara Singh

was uncertain due to concerns about his age and feared that people might find it amusing.
He explained that

Ramanand Sagar

had chosen his father for the role of Hanuman and had already finalized

Arun Govil

for the role of Lakshman. Therefore, his father concluded that they needed to decline the offer, expressing concerns about his age and the potential for people to laugh at him in the role.

He recounted their visit to Ramanand Sagar’s house, where the entire family was gathered around the table. Ramanand Sagar urged his father to prepare for the role, but Dara Singh hesitated, citing his age. He expressed his reluctance, saying, “Papaji, please take a young lad for the role of Hanuman ji. I can’t portray Hanuman ji at this age. I don’t even maintain a body-building routine anymore.”

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However, Ramanand Sagar insisted, emphasizing that they couldn’t disregard God’s command. He explained that he had already finalized the entire cast based on a dream he had, wherein he envisioned Arun Govil as Lord Ram, Dipika Chikhlia as Sita, and Dara Singh as

Lord Hanuman

. According to Ramanand Sagar, this dream constituted divine instruction.