Monday, April 22, 2024

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‘Virus everywhere’: Influencer’s airport video baffles netizens

NEW DELHI: How far would one can go for fame? It seems to any extent. The pursuit of fame has become an all-consuming endeavor, with “

content creators

” pushing the boundaries of self-promotion to unprecedented levels. The intoxicating allure of fame has transformed ordinary individuals into shameless “influencers”.

From the streets to railway stations to airports, the

thirst for notoriety

permeates every facet of modern life.

A video shared by a user on X showing a woman making reel on airport’s luggage belt has gone viral with


taking the creator to task.

The video shows the woman dancing to the tune of ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and laying down on the conveyor belt, and then rises with a smile afterward, almost as if it was a feat to be proud of.
The video which has over 2 million views has left netizens bewildered.
One user wrote, “She should be fined, fined heavily. Let’s set an example with her.” Another remarked, “They’ve really come a long way, from the metro to the airport.”
Netizens also highlighted, “The problem isn’t just that she made this video… the real issue is that there’s an audience for this nonsense.”