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Vision Pro launch: Apple prepares this ‘special’ thing at flagship stores


Vision Pro

headset is Apple’s ‘next big thing’ and is being treated that way. The company has reportedly prepared its “most sophisticated” in-demo ever that may last for 25-minutes to convince visitors to splurge a minimum of $3500 on a mixed-reality headset. If that was not enough,


has prepared a special seating area for trying the Vision Pro at flagship stores.

Apple seems to be all in for the Vision Pro as it prepares big for the headset. Already up for pre-booking, the deliveries of the headset will start on February 2. It will be that time when ambitious people will be able to visit a flagship store and attend a session to make a decision whether to purchase it or not.
According to Bloomberg’s Mark


, apart from a 25-minute session, there will be a special seating area for potential customers to try the Vision Pro at flagship stores. He said that on Sunday (January 21), Apple retail stores across the US closed early to get trained on working with the Vision Pro and how to sell the device.
“This follows secret briefings at the company’s headquarters, where hundreds of employees learned how to give

Vision Pro demos

in preparation for the product’s debut on February 2,” Gurman said in his weekly newsletter Power On.

50 stores will get special seating area
Gurman claimed that 50 of Apple’s largest stores in the US will get a new seating area for Vision Pro demos. He said that each setup will include a pair of crescent-shaped benches with faux leather, and several customers will be able to sit down and try the device at once.
“There will even be carpet on the floor to mimic a living room. In Apple’s other stores, there will be a dedicated table with seating for users to go through the demo process,” Gurman said.

He also said that those who ordered a Vision Pro for in-store pickup, will be able to verify their face scan and fit when they show up.

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