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Vivek recalls SRK-Gauri’s wedding festivities

Shah Rukh Khan may have risen to fame through his sheer talent and charisma, but behind his swift rise lies the support and friendship of many in the industry. One such figure is producer Vivek Vaswani, who played a pivotal role in strategically launching Shah Rukh’s career in the early days. Recently, Vivek reminisced about attending Shah Rukh’s



Gauri Khan

in 1991 and shared heartwarming anecdotes from that special occasion.

Revealing intimate details about Shah Rukh’s wedding and the close bond they shared, Vivek told Siddharth Kannan that at the time of the wedding, Shah Rukh was still a newcomer in the industry and was residing with Vivek at his parents’ house. As a token of his affection and support, Vivek gifted the newlyweds a five-day stay at a hotel in Mumbai, followed by accommodation in an apartment owned by filmmaker Aziz Mirza.
“After the wedding, we took


to Darjeeling because we had to shoot the title song of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. When they returned to Bombay, of course, they couldn’t stay at my house so as a gift, I gave them five days at Sun n Sand, then they moved to Aziz’s house,” Vivek recalled.

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Talking about SRK and Gauri’s wedding festivities, Vivek fondly recalled the joyous atmosphere and said that the food was great. While he refrained from consuming alcohol, he thoroughly enjoyed observing Shah Rukh’s childhood friends and Gauri’s brother soaked in the celebrations.

Vivek further revealed that SRK and Gauri got married as per

Hindu and Muslim traditions

and also got a registered wedding. “All three weddings happened in one day,” he shared.
He said that his interactions with Gauri were limited. However, the producer described her as a warm and cordial individual. He further spoke about meeting Gauri socially and mentioned that she has always been nice to him.