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VIXX breaks silence on N’s absence

N continues to charm fans as Kang Woo-hak in popular series ‘Castaway Diva’, co-starring Park Eun-bin and Chae Jong-hyeop. However his acting aspirations have affected his interests with his boy band VIXX.
In a recent interview, VIXX opened up about the decision to venture into their latest musical endeavour as a trio, addressing the absence of fellow member N.

The group, known for their tight-knit bond, shared insights into the circumstances that led to this unique chapter in their career. The members, according to allkpop, conveyed their understanding of N’s situation, recognizing that he would likely feel the most disappointment about not being able to partake in the forthcoming activities associated with their fifth mini


, ‘


‘, set to release on November 21. Despite N’s unavoidable absence, VIXX made it clear that he remains an integral part of the


and a cherished friend. ‘Continuum’ marks VIXX’s return to the music scene after a hiatus spanning 4 years and 2 months. However, this comeback takes place without N, who has been actively pursuing a career in acting.
The scheduling conflicts between album production and drama filming posed a challenge, leading to N’s temporary departure from group promotions. Expressing his regret and gratitude, N conveyed heartfelt apologies to fans, stating, “I am sorry for once again disappointing the fans who had high expectations. Although I cannot participate in this album’s promotions, I send my whole heart with the hope that the new memories of VIXX and


will be beautifully recorded. I will do my best to support you”. While some fans expressed their disappointment, VIXX has chosen to move forward as a trio, united in their shared passion for music
Amid the challenges posed by N’s absence, the remaining members of VIXX expressed their appreciation for the unwavering support from fans. Emphasizing their solidarity, the group encourages fans to anticipate ‘Continuum’ not just as an album but as a symbolic representation of endless possibilities and the commencement of a new journey for VIXX.

As VIXX embarks on this trio


, they invite their dedicated fanbase, Starlight, to join them in embracing the evolving dynamics and promising future encapsulated in ‘Continuum’.

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