WATCH: How Dhoni-led India defeated Pakistan in a bowl out

NEW DELHI: On September 14, 2007, cricket enthusiasts worldwide witnessed an unforgettable moment in the history of T20Is. Under the leadership of MS Dhoni, Team India emerged victorious over Pakistan in a dramatic group stage encounter during the inaugural edition of the ICC T20 World Cup held in South Africa.
The thrilling match concluded in a tie, with Pakistan’s batter,


, being run out on the last ball of the contest. However, tournament regulations precluded a points-sharing scenario, necessitating an innovative solution: a bowl-out.

In this unique showdown, India ultimately clinched victory in a bowl-out, where players from both sides took aim at the stumps to determine the outcome.
The ICC shared highlights from the intense bowl-out between these perennial rivals, preserving this historic moment in the annals of cricket.

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