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Waugh disagrees with Cook’s ‘they’re not robots’ defense



faced a crushing defeat by an innings and 64 runs in the culmination of the five-match series in


on Saturday, marking a disappointing end to their tour of India. Despite showcasing some resilience in earlier Tests,

Ben Stokes

‘ side faltered in the final match, drawing criticism from former cricketers.
Former England cricketer

Alastair Cook

came to the defense of the team, emphasizing the human aspect of the game.

“They’re not robots,” Cook remarked, acknowledging the challenges faced by players during extended tours. Cook, who led England to victory in India in 2012, highlighted the mental and physical toll of such demanding tours.

However, Australian cricketing legend

Mark Waugh

expressed disbelief at Cook’s comments, suggesting that international cricketers are trained and paid to perform under such circumstances. “This is one of the best tours as an international cricketer you can go on,” Waugh countered, indicating his disagreement with Cook’s perspective.

Waugh’s response, shared on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), underscored the contrasting views regarding the expectations placed on professional cricketers during tours of this nature.

Cook further elaborated on his stance, acknowledging the toll of prolonged periods away from home and the emotional strain of competing in a challenging series. While not excusing the team’s performance, Cook emphasized the human element inherent in such high-pressure situations.

The former England captain also addressed the notion of “dead rubber” matches, suggesting that despite the series outcome being decided, representing England always carries significance. Cook highlighted the team’s efforts and commitment, despite falling short in the final encounter.