What is “Jivet Sharada Shatam”?

Sep 5, 2023


Jivet Sharada Shatam

This Sanskrit phrase translates to “May you live for 100 autumns”. Mostly elders bless the young ones on their birthdays with this phrase. Let’s understand the significance of this text.

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Atharva Veda

This text is documented in Atharva veda. It is derived from this text: पश्येम शरदः शतम् ।।१।। जीवेम शरदः शतम् ।।२।। बुध्येम शरदः शतम् ।।३।। रोहेम शरदः शतम् ।।४।। पूषेम शरदः शतम् ।।५।। भवेम शरदः शतम् ।।६।। भूयेम शरदः शतम् ।।७।। भूयसीः शरदः शतात्

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Sharad or autumn

The text is significant for the Sharad season which is the autumn season. It is because autumn comes after rainy season during which it is extremely humid in the country.

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During autumn, the human body is prone to several diseases as the weather is extremely unfavorable.

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Types of illnesses

During this season, several illnesses like fever, digestive problem, dengue, malaria, etc. spread at a faster rate.

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Mother of all diseases

Sharad season is also referred to as the season of all diseases and this is why people are blessed to live longer.

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​Sharad season falls in Ashwin and Kartik months​

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Several festivals

To instill positivity, several festivals are celebrated during sharad season like durga puja, and diwali.

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How to stay safe?

In order to remain safe during this season, follow preventive measures. Stay clean and follow a hygienic routine. Eat seasonal foods and keep clean water.

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