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What is ‘Power Mudra’, practiced by powerful people

01/6What is Power mudra

In a world riddled with distractions and busy lifestyles, stress and distractions have become permanent friends. And to escape it all, people are constantly trying to find ways to reconnect with their inner selves, and tap into their inner strength that will help them heal and emerge stronger.

And one such method is coming in the form of practising Power Mudra. This ancient practice is a part of yoga and meditation, and helps channel your energy and enhance focus. Power Mudra or shakti mudra as it is referred to signifies the strength and energy it channels.


02/6​Benefits of Power mudra

Practising Power mudra is good for both the mind and the body. Primarily, it helps to regulate the flow of energy throughout the body, which in turn helps you feel more powerful from within and have a sense of well-being. Plus, it is believed that Power Mudra can enhance concentration and focus, making it very important for those who are in need of some mental relief and clarity on life. It is said that regular practice of Power mudra can strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and help people be more in sync with themselves.


03/6​How to do it?

Performing the Power mudra is a simple but powerful practice that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. To begin, find a comfortable seated position, either on the floor or in a chair, ensuring that your spine is straight and your shoulders are relaxed. Next, bring your hands to your knees, palms facing upwards. Now, gently touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger, and keep the other fingers relaxed. Hold this position for a few breaths and try to calm yourself while doing this. If you allow yourself to feel the energy flowing through your fingers and into your body, you won’t just feel a wave of energy but also a wave of calm.


04/6Inner strength and power mudra

At its core, Power mudra is about tapping into the energy you have within and that lies in each one of us. The ‘Shakti’ or energy we feel but at times cannot harness owing to how our energy is depleted everyday because of the things going on around us. By harnessing the power of this simple mudra, people can develop a sense of empowerment and strength in the face of challenges. Through regular practice, one can awaken the energies that have gone dormant and unlock their hidden potentials.


05/6​Famous people who perform Power mudra

Power mudra is not just for the Yogi’s and saints but is also practised by some very influential people across the globe. In fact, some people can be seen performing this mudra when they are sitting idle or are in an interview. From entertainment to business to spirituality, one can find people doing this mudra in their everyday life.

For example, in an interview, the champion footballer Cristiano Ronaldo could be seen sitting in the power mudra with his hands in the right placement. In the world of technology and exploration, Elon Musk too could be seen doing this mudra. In one of his interviews, Musk’s hands were connected just like the power mudra dictates. And from the world of Entertainment, famous actor Robert Downey Jr. too can be seen in many pictures sitting with the power mudra gesture.

(Image: @realmarvlee)


06/6​Power mudra and meditation

While Power mudra is very strong in itself, coupled with meditation it can give the maximum benefits. Power mudra along with meditation can help you deepen your spiritual practice and be more aware of your consciousness. When combined with mindful breathing and focus, the subtle energy generated by Power mudra can help develop a sense of peace and calm inside the person. While you channel your inner energies through the practice of this mudra, meditation increases the benefits of the practice by giving you more clarity about yourself.


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