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NEW DELHI: Byju's said queries outlined by ED are technical and it anticipates the fines imposed on it, if any, to be minimal. "The...
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WhatsApp may soon allow users to view status updates from the conversation screen: All details


recently introduced a new voice chat feature for

group chats

. Voice chats enable users to engage in real-time, live conversations with members of a group chat, all while retaining the ability to send text messages within the group. Now a new report has surfaced online suggesting that the instant messaging app is rolling out a feature to view status updates from the conversation screen.
As reported by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is introducing a feature that enables users to view status updates directly from the conversation screen.

The feature is presently available for


beta testers.
According to the screenshot posted by WABetaInfo, the status updates are now visible on the conversation screen, indicated by a status ring around the profile photo in the top app bar. This enhancement adds further convenience for users, allowing them to easily catch up on status updates from their contacts when opening a conversation with them.
This integration mirrors Instagram Stories, enabling users to seamlessly view stories within their conversations without the necessity to switch between tabs or screens.

Channel update views
Recently, WhatsApp initiated the rollout of a beta Android update introducing a feature that allows users to see the number of views for a specific channel update directly within the message bubble. This functionality is designed to assist channel owners in gauging the reach of their updates by providing insights into the viewership. Importantly, this feature is not exclusive to channel owners; followers can also track the number of views for each channel update.

WABetaInfo noted, “This feature has the potential to enhance the user experience, offer valuable insights, and be advantageous for both individual users and organisations utilising WhatsApp Channels for broadcasting. Users gain the ability to assess the impact and reach of their messages, allowing them to identify which content resonates most with their audience.”

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