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When Bobby-Twinkle didn’t get along in ‘Barsaat’

Bobby Deol

marked his entry into the film industry in 1995 with ‘


,’ a highly anticipated movie of the year. The film garnered attention as it featured Bobby Deol, the son of veteran actor


, alongside

Twinkle Khanna

, the daughter of

Dimple Kapadia


Rajesh Khanna

During an interview with Filmfare in 2001, Bobby Deol mentioned the strained relationship he had with Tina (Twinkle Khanna) during the making of Barsaat.

He recalled frequent clashes, attributing them to trivial matters such as discussions about morning routines and the importance of cleanliness. Additionally, he noted her discomfort with his use of certain language, which he found amusing.

Bobby reminisced about an incident during the filming of Barsaat when Twinkle fainted on set, which led to a temporary halt in shooting due to the scarce oxygen supply at Rohtang Pass near Manali. He recounted the premiere day of the film, mentioning how they traveled together in the same car and how nervous he was. Despite his anxiety, he held Twinkle’s hand throughout the journey. However, he was surprised when he overheard her using profanity after the premiere. This contrasted with her previous disapproval of such language during the shoot. When he pointed this out to her, she simply laughed it off.

Twinkle Khanna reveals no one recognised her at Goldsmiths, University of London; says ‘I had to create a bio, stand up and introduce myself’

Twinkle and Bobby Deol eventually reconciled their differences after the film. By the time of this interview, Bobby had already worked with

Akshay Kumar

, who was married to Twinkle at that point. Reflecting on their past conflicts, Bobby mentioned how they now laugh about their previous disagreements. He recounted a recent encounter with Twinkle during the shooting of


on a cruise, where they had a great time together. Bobby found it amusing when the media speculated about them sunbathing together and suggested that Akshay kept an eye on them. He clarified that he never indulged in public stripping, dismissing the sunbathing rumors. Bobby expressed happiness to see Twinkle happily married.

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