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HomeNewsWhy Karnataka banned sale of cotton candy, gobi manchurian

Why Karnataka banned sale of cotton candy, gobi manchurian

BENGALURU: The Karnataka government on Monday ordered a crackdown on the preparation and sale of coloured

cotton candy


artificially colored gobi manchurian

after finding

carcinogenic chemicals

in these food items. However,

health minister Dinesh Gundurao

ruled out a

total ban

on the sale of these items.
Close on the heels of the neighboring Tamil Nadu and Goa governments imposing a ban on the sale of cotton candy and

gobi manchurian

respectively, the food safety officials of the Karnataka health department obtained more than 200 samples from Bengaluru and other parts of the state and subjected those samples to analysis against cancer-causing chemicals.

Giving details of the test results, Health Minister Dinesh Gundurao Rao said, “Out of the 171 gobi samples, as many as 107 samples tested positive for carcinogenic chemicals such as Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow, and Carmosine color. Similarly, out of the 25 samples of cotton candy, about 15 samples tested positive for artificial and cancer-causing chemicals like Tartrazine and Rhodamine-B.”
The minister further elaborated that based on the test studies and confirmation of the use of artificial colors, the government has ordered a crackdown. “Any violation of this order by food vendors, eateries, and hotels/restaurants will attract punishment, including imprisonment for 7 years to a life term and a penalty of ₹10 lakh, besides canceling the trade licenses,” the minister explained.

However, the minister ruled out imposing any ban on the sale of these food items. “Gobi is a nutritious vegetable and people should eat it. We are only acting against those who resort to using artificial and synthetic chemicals. Similarly, non-colored candy (white) has also been permitted for sale.”
When asked how the department would ensure non-usage of such chemicals as people may not be knowing, the minister said, “The food safety wing of the health department will take up statewide awareness and campaigns to drive home the message against the usage of these chemicals. We will deploy more personnel for sampling and regular checks of stalls and eateries. Furthermore, after the random sampling, the department will also start legal sampling of these eatables for documentation.