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Why Ken’s guitar was missing from Ryan’s act

Ryan Gosling

‘s lively performance at the 2024 Oscars enthralled the audience, embodying the spirit of Ken from ‘


.’ However, amidst the grand assembly of 65 Kens, including co-stars Mark Ronson, Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Ncuti Gatwa, Scott Evans, and special appearances by Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen, one crucial element was notably absent –

Ken’s iconic guitar


The intrigue surrounding the guitar led fans down a path that unveiled a charming connection between Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling and BTS sensation Jimin. Gosling’s Barbie-inspired performance took a creative spin, showcasing a wardrobe reminiscent of Jimin’s iconic ‘Permission to Dance’ era outfit. Rather than sparking controversy, Gosling tactfully addressed the uncanny resemblance, conceding that


“definitely wore it best” in a video shared on Barbie’s official X handle.

the way ryan gosling couldn’t use his guitar for his oscar performance bc he gave it to jimin 😭

— emily⁷ (@DlS_3ASE) March 11, 2024

The narrative took an unexpected turn as Gosling, in good humor, embraced what he dubbed the ‘Ken code.’ In a playful acknowledgment of the resemblance, he declared his intention to make a “humble offering” to Jimin – Ken’s cherished guitar. This symbolic gesture solidified the unique connection between the Hollywood Ken and the K-pop icon.

In July 2023, Jimin reciprocated the gesture with warmth and gratitude in a heartfelt video. Jimin praised Gosling’s stylish interpretation of his outfit in the upcoming ‘Barbie’ movie.

Also, as the Oscars unfolded, BTS ARMYs reminisced about the connection and pieced together the puzzle of why Ryan Gosling performed without his signature guitar. A fan on X noted, “The way Ryan Gosling couldn’t use his guitar for his Oscar performance because he gave it to Jimin.” This revelation ignited a wave of fan comments, with many expressing the collective desire to witness a joint performance of “I’m Just Ken” by Ryan and Jimin, donned in matching outfits.

The guitar’s absence at the Oscars became a poignant reminder of the unspoken camaraderie between Hollywood and K-pop, leaving fans with a shared dream of a future musical collaboration between Ryan Gosling and BTS’ Jimin.

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