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Why Samsung Galaxy S24 users don’t have to adjust camera settings for different conditions


‘s latest flagship smartphone lineup, the

Galaxy S24 series

comes with a suite of

AI-powered tools


ProVisual Engine

that helps in improving photography performances on the devices. These tools are powered by enhanced

NPU performance

and are trained on an extensive library of more than 400 million image datasets. The company claims that these AI tools help Galaxy S24 users to click the best shot every time, irrespective of their experience level.
In a blog post, Samsung claims that Galaxy S24 users don’t need to adjust their camera modes or look for the best settings to capture a good shot in different situations.

How the AI tools work on the Galaxy S24 series

The quad tele system on the

Samsung Galaxy S24

series smartphones ensures optical quality zoom at 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x and more steps in between. This feature allows users to effortlessly capture every detail of a performance, wedding or even graduation ceremony, no matter how far away they’re sitting.
For dim lighting conditions, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with powerful Nightography capabilities. Compared to the previous model, its sensor has nearly doubled in size from nearly 12.52 square millimeters to 24.47 square millimeters, helping Galaxy S24 Ultra capture details with even more precision.

It also has bigger pixels — nearly 60% larger and measuring 1.4μm on each side of the pixel at 5x zoom. Combined with enhanced AI ISP, this means the Galaxy S24 Ultra can capture more light and create brighter, less noisy images. The photo shutter speed is 30% faster and the telephoto camera’s optical image stabilisation angle is wider. Samsung ensures that the latest Ultra can capture clearer images more quickly, even if the hands are a little shaky.

If an already captured shot doesn’t look quite right, users can access the Generative Edit that uses generative AI to adjust objects and create a perfectly blended background.
Users can improve the moment they’ve captured and create the ideal memory to look back on. Generative AI enables edits such as straightening and resizing, then harnesses in-painting and out-painting techniques to fill any gaps in the image. AI then determines the suitability of the results and handles any necessary post-processing.
Samsung’s Expert RAW feature also enables the creation of professional-quality images. Using AI, Galaxy S24 features 24MP fusion, which combines images to get the most out of different resolutions. High resolution 50MP images provide more detail, while 12MP images provide multi-frame synthesis, which improves noise and dynamic range. Also, HDR offers a more balanced range of brightness, colour and contrast.
The Galaxy S24 smartphone also has a companion editing app that gives users even more creative control. The latest version of Enhance-X comes with a new feature called Camera Shift.
This feature lets users shift their photo’s perspective after taking a shot. With Camera Shift, users can choose to focus on capturing the moment without worrying about having the perfect angle or camera position. Once the photo is taken, this feature will help users to achieve the effect they want by using AI to adjust the angle and perspective.