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‘Will only give opportunity after… ‘: Mayawati to Muslim voters

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NEW DELHI: Expressing her disappointment after the Lok Sabha results, the

Bahujan Samaj Party chief

Mayawati said that the

Muslim voters

have failed to comprehend the party’s objectives despite the party’s efforts to provide them with proper representation in elections. She added that as a result of this, the party will carefully consider giving the community electoral opportunities in the future.
Mayawati announced that the party would conduct a thorough analysis of the defeat and take necessary steps to protect the party’s interests.

She thanked the Dalit community, particularly the Jatavs, for their unwavering support.

“The Muslim community, which is an important part of the Bahujan Samaj Party, is not able to understand the BSP properly despite being given proper representation in the past elections and this time also in the Lok Sabha general elections,” Mayawati said.
She added, “So, in such a situation, the party will give them a chance in the elections after a lot of thought so that the party does not suffer a huge loss in the future like this time.”

Mayawati also added that the party had fielded the highest number of Muslim candidates (35) in the recent general election. She called upon the future leaders of the country to consider the nation’s democracy, interests, and the Constitution.
The BSP chief raised concerns about the election being held during extreme heat and criticised the lengthy election process, which she said could be exhausting for both the general public and the thousands of government employees assigned to election duty. She suggested that the election should be conducted in a maximum of three or four phases.
In the 2019

Lok Sabha elections

, the BSP won 10 seats in alliance with the Samajwadi Party, but it failed to secure any seats in the 2014 and recent elections.
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