With cheapest fuel, India aims to become global refueling hub for green ships; here’s how

India aims to become a global refueling center for environmentally friendly

green ships

, with a focus on producing the world’s most affordable

green hydrogen

, ammonia, and methanol,

RK Singh

, the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy has said. ET reported Singh speaking at an event, with the minister emphasizing on the inevitability of a green shift in the shipping industry within the next 5 to 10 years.
“The shipping world will go green. Just give it 5-7 years or 10 years. We have to be prepared for it and emerge as the refueling destination for all the green ships,” RK Singh said at the event.
According to Singh, India’s ambition is to position itself as the preferred refueling destination for green vessels by offering green hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol at the cheapest cost. To achieve this goal, India must initiate its green shipping pilot projects, a matter currently under discussion with the

shipping ministry

, he said.

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Collaborative efforts between ministries are underway, with plans for a meeting to expedite progress. Additionally, the government plans to introduce a pilot initiative focused on green hydrogen and

green ammonia

storage to support continuous renewable energy generation.
India’s considerable renewable energy ecosystem positions it as a potential global leader in green hydrogen production, Singh noted. The rapid expansion of renewable energy sources in the country, combined with their cost-effectiveness, makes India an ideal candidate for low-cost green hydrogen production, he added.

While the debate surrounding green versus clean hydrogen persists, Singh predicts that the world will predominantly embrace green hydrogen. India defines its green hydrogen as that derived solely from renewable energy sources, excluding methods involving carbon capture or alternative technologies.
Singh also acknowledged international efforts to establish trade barriers, which India intends to address and contest as necessary.
Ahead of the 18th G20 Summit that is being held in India, on September 5 a day-long conference on “Green Hydrogen Pilots in India” was held in New Delhi.

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