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World’s most unique baby names

​​How to pick a unique baby name?​

One of the most thoughtful processes is naming your child. However, how can your child be the coolest child in the neighborhood? Pick one of these trendy, unique baby names.



The name of this Arabic girl means “feel safe.” It was the mother’s name of the prophet Muhammad.



This name, which is also spelled Ophir, refers to both a person and a place in the Bible. It has a mysterious quality and its meaning is not entirely understood.



This is the Italian pronunciation of the word “Cynthia” that also is a moniker for the Greek moon goddess Artemis.



This name is the English translation of the Spanish name Ines, which is Agnes, which means “chaste” in Greek.



This Japanese name is perfect for a guy who means the world to you because it symbolizes “good luck,” “righteous,” and “respectable.”


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This unisex name, which is Japanese in origin, can mean “bright” or “clear.”



In addition to its contemporary meaning, the Old Norse term Sky also denotes cloud. This name can appeal to you if you wish for your young dreamer to always have endless possibilities.



Idhant is a Sanskrit name that means luminous and sparkling.



Zeke is a more lighthearted version of Ezekiel, which means “God will strengthen” in Hebrew. As such, it might be a great name for a kid with a huge personality.



This Swahili name, which is of Arabic origin, means “faith.”


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